Hideo Kojima’s next game will be “scariest horror game ever”

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Will Hideo Kojima’s next game be as scary as PT? Source: Polygon

Death Stranding is here, and it is divisive. But it seems that Kojima Productions is already at work on their next title. And Hideo Kojima’s next game might be a horror.

In a recent tweet, Kojima revealed that he wants his next project to be the scariest horror game ever and has been watching scary movies such as The Eye to get inspired and “awaken his horror soul.”

Kojima arguably already holds the title for the scariest horror game. P.T. was developed by Kojima Productions with help from renown film director Guillermo del Toro and was released on the PlayStation Store in 2014. It stands as one of the first examples of a horror walking simulator – forcing the player to walk indefinitely through claustrophobic corridors, not knowing what’s around the corner but certain that something is watching you.

The game was released as a playable teaser (hence the title P.T.) for the latest installment in the Silent Hills franchise. But when that project was canceled, Kojima removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store and prevented re-installations of the game – a decision that only further cemented its place as the scariest horror game to date.

Expectations will undoubtedly be high whenever Kojima Productions announces their next title. Until then, fans must get their thrills from watching play-throughs of P.T. or trying to definitively say whether Death Stranding is a work of art or a load of rubbish.

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