Hideo Kojima is really interested in VR but he’s way too busy

Hideo Kojima has expressed his love for VR (Picture: Hideo Kojima Twitter)

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game Death Stranding is released pretty soon, but as well as that, he has also expressed interested in VR. But sadly as he’s such as busy man he’s got no time to dabble in VR but potentially for the future, he might have some free time.

In a recent interview with Rocket Beans Gaming on Youtube, he stated his interested in VR; at around the 22-minute mark, the interviewer asked the question on VR, and you can see the excitement emanating from Kojima. Through his translator, he says:

“Well I want to create something [where] you don’t get 3D motion sickness. But for VR, I’m really interested in it [but] I think I’m not free enough.

I said [on] the panel yesterday – in the 120 years that the [Lumiere] brothers created, we have a monitor or we have this square like [a] iPad or iPhone. We have a frame, right? VR [is] kind of freed from the limitation of this frame aspect. So I want to do it, definitely, but I don’t have really time right now to concentrate on VR.

Using the VR is probably maybe not [like a] game, more of an art or an education or simulator. I think it will be a breakthrough using VR. But in the next 5 years, I think streaming will be the biggest thing and if you’re streaming you cannot put framerates as much as you want, but in VR the framerate is really important. Right now, streaming cannot catch up to the VR aspect, so I think VR is a good time to develop.” (Thanks, uploadvr.)

What would you like Kojima to work on in VR? A Death Stranding VR version? Or maybe something different, perhaps go back to the horror roots and make a spiritual successor to P.T.? Let us know in the comments what you want.

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