Hidden Gem Battle Royale Games of 2018

2017 is was the year for Battle Royale games, PUBG and Fortnight dominated the market. Ever since PUBG got in early access and was available to the fans and got huge success we have seen games like Fortnight and even other developers trying to cash in on this new trend. I am here to bring you a list of  Five Battle Royale games you might not have heard of that are set to release in 2018 or came out already in 2018.

Dying Light Bad Blood


Stemming from “numerous fan requests” Techland plans to add a battle royale-esque PvP mode to its open-world zombie survival sandbox. Don’t expect the sun to be blotted out by parachutes: the BR mode will feature 6 players, not 100.


s being a zombie game, you won’t just be battling other players, and you may actually want to team up with them Which seems to give the same feeling as the dark zone in The Division. The goal in Bad Blood is to obtain samples of a zombie serum before nightfall, then get on a chopper to safety. You’ll have to battle zeds and boss monsters along the way, and owing the limited number of seats on the helicopter, you may have to duke it out with those you’ve teamed up with to get out alive. Presumably, you will need to own Dying Light to play its BR mode when it arrives, which is scheduled for “sometime” in 2018.


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Sign up Link To Global Playtest on Steam: https://dyinglightgame.com/badblood/


Mavericks Proving Ground

It’s planning to be the biggest battle royale game yet, capable of whoppingly huge 400-player matches, though we haven’t yet seen much of Mavericks. With a beta coming sometime this summer, we’re hoping to find out more about how Automaton plans to pull off this incredibly ambitious battle royale mode and survival game.


Link To Official Site: https://mavericks.gg/


Islands Of Nyne


While a lot of BR games and modes are being made in response to PUBG’s massive success, some have been in the works since before Battlegrounds was even announced. Islands of Nyne, a first-person only battle royale game, was crowdfunded on Kickstarter prior to PUBGs arrival. it’s got a sci-fi look and feel with futuristic features like teleporters and anti-gravity technology, the story being that 100 contestants have been spirited away by aliens and dropped into one of three arenas to fight to the death. First-person only servers have been extremely popular in PUBG, so Islands of Nyne could appeal to players looking for more. It’s currently in closed alpha and will head to Steam Early Access at some point.


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Link: https://www.islandsofnyne.com/


Rapture Rejects




Set in the world of webcomic Cyanide and Happiness,  Rapture Rejects is a cartoony top-down isometric battle royale that takes place after the Rapture among those, unfortunately, let behind.  It provides a whole different pickup and play feel for gamers of all ages and i have a feeling it could be the one to take some players away from Fortnight. 100 players will gather weapons and fight to be the final one standing, with the winner (apparently) being accepted into heaven. It should be out sometime this year.

Link: https://www.rapturerejects.com/

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