Hidden Battle Pass Tier in Fortnite Roadtrip?

Let’s go find it

Fortnite season 5 has a reward of a Battle Pass Tier worth ten stars hidden somewhere in the map. To obtain this you have to complete the newly launched Road Trip Challenges. Much like it’s predecessor the Blockbuster challenges you’re required to check off all the challenges in scavenger hunt fashion in a week. After you do everything within the time frame you will be presented with a useful loading screen.

Photo by TwoEpicBuddies

The loading screen displays the colorful cast from season 5 hitting the road in the new ATK vehicle. Everyone is here from Cuddle Team Leader, Rex, Brite Bomber, Durr Burger, and a new character as well. Look closely in the image as you can spot Rex holding a map of the game. This gives away the location of the Battle Pass Tier.


Though the loading screen’s map doesn’t give a precise location. Here is a better shot of where it is thanks to the nice red target in the upper left-hand corner.

If you’re interested in more Fortnite Season 5 mischief check out the video below which details all of Season 5’s treasures. Skins, emotes, gliders, and sprays are some of the new goodies waiting around the corner.



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