Hi-Rez Studios President Tells Sony To Stop Playing Favourites

Sony has been known to not agree with Cross-play as it took them a while to allow Fortnite to have Cross-play on the PS4; however, they finally broke and approved it.

But it seems that they are playing favorites, well that’s what Hi-Rez studious president, Stewart Chisam, believes anyway.

Which does make sense as currently Sony only allow cross-play on Fortnite and Rocket League. With no announcement that any other games are coming soon.

This is what Hi-Rez Studious President, Stewart, had to say on the matter:

Now the reason why Stewart has said this is because Hi-Rez Studios have wanted to make SMITE and Paladins cross-play for a while now.

With this generation of gaming, more and more games want to be cross-play, to break the wall of stopping friends from playing together because they don’t have the same console.

Cross-play is something I am entirely behind and fully believe it is time Sony got with the times and started allowing it on more games.

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