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Here’s how Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new weapon slot and perk roll systems work

Destiny 2 Forsaken is coming out next month, With that big DLC coming we have talked about the many upgrades and changes. We learn today that they some changes are coming to the weapon slot and perk roll systems.

One of the first changes is how Ammo type is no longer being tied directly to the weapon slots. Instead, ammo type will be labeled as a weapon property which will divide between  Heavy, Special, and Primary types. The Kinetic, Energy, and Power slots still exist but, You are giving way more freedom to spread out weapons and just try different combos.

It might not be what fans wanted as a drastic change eventually will need to be made to fix issues But it is a start on the right path. The whole point of this change was to give the player the freedom of any layout they would want.

Josh Hamrick, sandbox design lead, said back when this was first revealed “If you like Destiny 2, great, play that way. If you like Destiny 1, great, play that way. But if you’re crazy, why not three shotguns, just for the fun of it?

You should expect more changes to the weapons with random rolls to be expected out of nowhere. It will be done to give weapons unique styles and abilities which should change and make the grind even more fun.

Most of these changes are expected to go live on August 28th when the preload for Forsaken releases.

How do you feel about these changes? do you think changing too much could ruin the game? Or could it bring it new gamers to try it out? Let us know in the comments. \

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