HD Remaster of Doom Courtesy of Fans

HD Remaster of Doom Courtesy of Fans

Doom Remake 4 is a remaster of the classic Doom that will have the nostalgic look and feel with 3D effects. Doom Remake 4 will be adding HD textures that will show the slightest detail of light. You will also be able to taunt all the enemy corpses after you have annihilated them.

In the video you can notice that all the guns are available and all those familiar sounds are recognizable. However, this remake does not include the original Doom and Doom 2 levels due to licensing issues.

If you would like to check the page and just browse at the screenshots or even install the instructions you can go here.

What is everyone’s thoughts on this HD Doom Remaster? Comment Below. In other news, Resident Evil 2 Demo Announced.

Resident Evil 2 Demo Announced

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