Has Ubisoft teased a new Splinter Cell title with a cryptic tweet?

Splinter cell abstract art
Have Ubisoft spilled the beans on a new Splinter Cell title? (Picture: Ubisoft)
Splinter cell abstract art

Has Ubisoft spilt the beans on a new Splinter Cell title? (Picture: Ubisoft)

Splinter Cell to Ubisoft is sort of like what FIFA is to EA Sports: a valuable asset to the team that can continue to pour out content and guarantee a record amount of sales worldwide no matter the material. So, even after six years of lingering in the shadows, Ubisoft still hasn’t quite managed to put Sam Fisher to bed yet.

Call it intuition, call it sincere hope, or just call it a hunch after the Spanish tweet was released on the Ubisoft Twitter page yesterday ¬– whatever it is; we strongly believe that the beloved special ops nightcrawler isn’t ready to pack away his night-vision goggles just yet.

While Ubisoft rather fittingly kept the franchise in the dark during the E3 conference in 2017, Ubisoft employees have often peeked just high enough with something worth taking note of. Say, for example, when the creative director of Ubisoft Montreal Julian Gerighty spoke up about working alongside other producers on the new Splinter Cell game earlier this year – that was something that snapped millions of fans to attention. But, sadly, Ubisoft disputed this, and the rumours were later put to bed.

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Fast-forward to the 8th November 2019, and the rumours were ignited once again from the feathers of a phoenix. In a somewhat mysterious tweet, Ubisoft Spain posted nine cryptic words followed by a #SamFisher sign-off.

According to Google, the English translation for the Spanish tweet reads, ‘you need to understand the darkness to face it…’. That, to me, and more than likely to you, too, is a blatant Splinter Cell thing to say. Plus, I personally don’t know anybody else who rocks night vision gear like that. And, you know, the Sam Fisher hashtag sort of gives it away as well.

Perhaps this is Ubisoft’s way of reminding us that Splinter Cell is still very much alive even after six years since the last title in the franchise. Or, maybe this is the perfect way to whet our appetites for a juicy instalment that could be hitting our screens very, very soon. After all, with the bombed feedback from the release of The Division 2 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, perhaps a new Splinter Cell sequence is precisely what the fan base need in order to replenish their faiths in the fruitful developer.

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What’re your thoughts on the Ubisoft tweet? Are you ready to face another chapter as the cherished shadow dweller? Or do you think Ubisoft should close the book on the franchise and let Sam Fisher take his well-earned pension funds? Let us know in the comments below.

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