Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is firmly in Pokemon Go’s shadow


Niantic’s next game after the acclaimed Pokemon Go, was, of course, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Sadly it has been eclipsed by the fundamental world shaker that is Pokemon Go.

The first month’s revenue of Wizards Unite was a $12million, which albiet, is still towering over other location-based games such as Jurassic World: Alive at $10.3 million, and the Walking Dead: Our World at $3.9 million.

However, Pokemon Go’s launch month was a massive $300 million; this is thirty times more than Wizards Unite, in the same allotted time period. As well as that, as far as the number of total downloads are concerned, the Harry Potter game stands at 15 million, but when compared to the hit Pokemon title which stands at 182 million, that is a catastrophic difference.

Harry Potter, although a popular franchise, did not ignite like Pokemon Go which just took the entire globe by storm. Another issue, personally was that the mechanics of the two games, suited Pokemon Go, it was a perfect match, catching them all is what Pokemon is… But for Harry Potter, I don’t see this as a good fit.


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