Harry Potter Wizards Unite Halloween – Dark Arts Month

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Reports of sinister dark magic are on the rise and your help is needed!

Starting today it will be considered ‘Dark Arts Month’ in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The event will last for the whole month and have a number of different spooky happenings to get your teeth into.

Throughout the month of October players will have to co-operate to protect the wizarding world from the Calamity. Combat Death Eaters, vampires, werewolves and maybe even an ancient evil slithering in the dark.

Dates to remember

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 1: October 8-14

  • A new quest featuring the spine-chilling Brilliant Death Eater and an Azkaban Escapee

October Community Day: October 19

  • Expect more uncanny creatures including Vampire, Werewolf and Doxy oddities appearing more frequently in the game

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 2: October 22-28

  • A new sinister quest featuring the Brilliant Sirius Black and a Dementor

Exclusive Halloween Quest: October 31

  • Get ready for an exciting and exclusive Dark Arts-themed Wizarding Challenge Fortress Chamber and quest with limited-time rewards

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