Harry Potter RPG Name, Release Window and Gameplay Leaked.

Harry Potter RPG
Potter RPG release window and gameplay leaked

Harry Potter RPG Leaked Release Window And Gameplay

As reported by Gamerant, a leak for the highly rumored Harry Potter RPG has dropped. The Harry Potter RPG has been the worst kept secret at WB Games, with several leaks preceding this one. However, this leak is the most comprehensive yet. 

According to the leak, the game titled is Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, featuring a customizable wizard or witch of the players choosing. The main character of the story is a transfer student from another school. Character customization is not extensive or “super detailed,” as stated in the leak. Still, it does offer cosmetic changes such as hair and eyes and maybe body type.

Harry Potter RPG Character Customization

In addition, the character can be a pureblood, half-blood, or muggle-born wizard/witch; each influences gameplay. Other factors that influence gameplay, as well as the story, are the player’s house selection. Each of the houses affects events in the story, including character deaths. There is no option to become the villain, however, not even with Slytherin. 

The leak says the story is crafted for adults in mind, following several years after the events of the original Potter series. Harry and several of his friends and allies are said to appear throughout the game.

Other features state that players will have a Nemesis-style system of duel-able rivals. Combat, according to Gamerant, is “back and forth style of action rather than ‘button mash and win.’” Various familiar locals will be available to explore as hubs, including Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and The Ministry. Quidditch is also said to be a possible activity in the game. 

With all this promise, and there is certainly enough here to believe this is a Harry Potter fan’s dream game, it is easy for this to be too good to be true. The game’s current description makes it out to be the next big AAA title ala the Arkham or Mordor series. 

It will be interesting to note that the portfolio of the current speculated developer, Avalanche Software, include Disney Infinity and Tak and the Power of Juju. WB is supposedly planning to have several sequels to this game in the future. The game is said to release June 2021 with a reveal before this August. 

So, what do you think about the potential new Potter series coming next summer? Think the leak is too ambitious? Are you excited about the possibility of it becoming a reality? Let us know in the comments below. 

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