Harry potter RPG game will be released in late 2021

Harry Potter RPG
Harry potter RPG is expected to be released in late 2021 (Picture: Warner Bros)

Harry Potter RPG game will be available next year!

Harry potter RPG is expected be released in late 2021 (Picture: Warner Bros)

Despite the ending of the official storyline since like 10 years ago, Harry Potter continues to be a huge name all over the world till this date.

Back in October 2018, screenshots of what appeared to be a Harry Potter RPG game spread all over the internet, according to a Bloomberg report, the game is being developed by Disney Infinity Studio Avalanche Software for multiple platforms, including PS5 and Xbox Series X, it is said that the game will let players become wizards in an open world that will take place at Hogwarts.

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It is rumored that the developers are rattled by the Rumors of the release in late 2021 because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, J.K Rowling’s recent comments, and the possible sale of the Warner Bros. However, it seems that the game is still on track to be released as planned.

It was additionally mentioned that Warner Bros plans to announce the new Batman game in addition to the new Harry Potter RPG game at a digital event sometime in August. We are still uncertain about the availability of the game on PC, and it will be a while before we can confirm whether it will be available on PC or not.

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