Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gets Substantial Update

The world’s latest mobile game mega-hit, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery got a massive update this morning that includes two new chapters and 4 new classes. Previous updates have been limited to just a single chapter.

This tiny version of everyone’s favorite wizarding world caught fire when it released roughly 3 months ago. It was previously reported that since release, the title has pulled in a nonsensical 55 million dollars.

Developer Jam City has been consistent about releasing new weekly content for the game. However, this update marks a shift in the quality and quantity of that content. This makes sense considering the game’s worldwide popularity.

This week’s update also features a side quest that focuses on Rita Skeeter, the head-strong journalist who made a nefarious name for herself in The Goblet of Fire.

Jam City has also upgraded their advertisement-for-gems system making it available to a much wider global audience. No one ever likes to point to ads as being a welcome addition to any free-to-play game. But in this case it was important for the developer to give the “watch ads for gems” option to the most players as possible.

Gems are Hogwarts Mystery’s in-game currency. They are needed to purchase items that further the story and get you that much closer to solving the disappearance of the player’s brother, Jacob.

The game seems to have nailed the sweet spot at the intersection of feverish fandom, addicting mobile gameplay, and a compelling enough mystery to keep players interested. It’s good to see Jam City continue to support those players. If this week’s update is any indication, we can expect to see a bigger pipeline for incoming content in the future.

Have you joined the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery craze? Let us know your thoughts on the game and the update in the comments below!

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