Halo’s Windows App Is Going Away

In an official statement on HaloWaypoint today, 343 Industries confirmed that they would officially be decommissioning the Windows Halo App tomorrow. Previously, the app provided a host of news, community content and more.

In the statement, 343 claimed that pulling support would “free up resources that can be re-deployed on better services for the future”, and ensured fans that the same content would still be available on both Halo.gg and HaloWaypoint.com. 343 also recommended uninstalling the Halo App.

It’s always a shame to see companies pulling support for their older services. However, if it truly does enable 343 to focus on newer, greater things, this move will probably end up doing more good than harm. This rings especially true with Halo Infinite’s release growing ever closer.

Did you use Halo’s Windows app? Will you be sad to see it go? Leave your condolences in the comments below!

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