Halo Infinite Sets Teased By Mega Construx

The Warthog will be on of three new Halo Infinite Mega Construx kits.
One of the new Halo Infinite Mega Construx sets. (Picture: Twitter)

Mega Construx has teased the upcoming release of three Halo Infinite construction sets. A tweet was released yesterday with the image of the silhouettes of three vehicles: the Pelican, Warthog, and the Mongoose.

With only the tweet to go on, we have no indication of the size of the models or the number of pieces the kits contain. However, Mega Construx has reassured fans that more information will be coming soon.

All three vehicles have featured heavily in previous Halo games and will no doubt play an important role in the upcoming title, due to release later this year. To give you an insight into the role these vehicles play in the Halo Universe, here’s a snippet of information about each one.


“Lovingly dubbed the “mothergoose” by frontline infantrymen and women due to its increased size over the M274. Both the civilian and military versions are available with a variety of upgrade packages, including armoured body panels, improved suspension systems, and alternate engines. The civilian version is not rated to carry Spartans without risking damage to the frame. Most Mongoose ATVs are not fitted with weapons, though an armed passenger can be carried on the rear-facing seat to provide fire support.”


“The Warthog is a four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle with a forward-housed, low-profile, liquid-cooled, hydrogen-burning internal combustion engine (ICE) which powers an automatic infinitely variable transmission (IVT). Warthog’s maintain a large, light-armoured frame, with heavy grade nanotube-lined wheels (previously inert-gas pocket) and a high suspension system. They bear a towing winch system with hooks somewhat resembling the tusks of a warthog (hence its name).”


For over a century, Pelican dropships have been the UNSC’s best and most prominent method of troop and material transportation in its various military endeavours. These workhorse crafts are equally at home in orbit and atmosphere and have even been pressed into use for short interplanetary trips. Available in a bewildering number of models and unique variants, Pelicans are likely to remain in service for the foreseeable future.”

Will you be getting your hands on these new construction kits? Which one are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below. And while you’re at it, why not check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel!


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