Possible Halo: Infinite Leaked Images and More

The splash screen for Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite Splash screen (Image: 343i)

The images in this article show possible Halo: Infinite leaks and more that could pertain to the upcoming game. A few days ago a post on Resetera highlighted that an image leaked last year matched some visuals that were displayed in a 343 industries recruitment video.

Possible Halo Infinite leak image

Halo: Infinite “leak” in 2019. (Image: Unknown)

The leak, and analysis, show several teasers for new and remastered mechanics for the game. One of which could amount to being a more in-depth close-quarter combat mechanic and another is the return of equipment based gameplay along with a new “grapple hook”. While there is not much to this individual leak, it does give the impression that Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer is heading back to its roots and giving the players a more Halo online experience.

Resetera user: RazThePsychonaut took the image and the video and provided a frame by frame analysis and comparison. Which in our opinion adds a lot of credibility to the original leaked image. Although, some users throughout the Resetera thread still seem skeptical. Frank O’Connor, an employee at 343 has stated rather strongly that the leak is completely false, however, this could be some attempt at damage control.


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