Halo infinite Has Been Shown On The Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite
Master Chief is back!!

Just check out that grapple!

Yes, that’s right, Master Chief has been given a grappling cable, that you can fire into bad guys and then elbow them in the chops!! If that does not have a cheev (short version of the word Achievement) to do it 100 times, I wanna know why!

Anyone that has been following Halo would have already had a pretty good idea of what to expect. A new engine to run it, a fresh console to play it on, and of course Master Chief. So what did we gain from this new showcase? Well, we have an open world map that is apparently bigger than the last two halo games put together. It also had a few new weapons and some amazing environments. According to the Dev’s during the showcase, this is now made possible due to the power of the new Xbox console.

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With a familiar soundtrack and covenant bad guys all over the place, this is shaping up to be a nice looking game. What’s more, is that it will be on Game Pass. Although there will be many more leaks and previews before we actually get to play it, I can safely tell you that us guys here at DGR are more than a little excited!

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