Grinding Gear Games confirms delay of Path of Exile 2 beta

Path Of Exiles 2
Path Of Exiles 2 delayed beta.

Path Of Exiles 2 Delayed

It’s the kind of confirmation you never want to hear. Grinding Gear Games confirmed Monday that the beta for their upcoming title, Path of Exile 2, would be delayed, citing concerns over COVID-19.

“When we announced Path of Exile 2 last year, we mentioned that the earliest an early Beta could occur might be late 2020,” said developer ‘Bex_GGG’ on the game’s official forum. “This is definitely not happening this year, due to significant schedule delays due to the pandemic. We have been focusing on keeping our leagues coming out as close to on time as possible, and this does mean some delays for the sequel.”

Path of Exile 2 Screenshot

The new Path of Exile 2 seeks improvements to game systems, while still keeping the classics’ gameplay (credit: grinding Gear Games)

Despite the delays to their upcoming release, Grinding Gear Games is still providing quarterly updates to the current title, Path of Exile. The game itself is free to play, with the developers focusing on providing an authentic “free-to-play” experience, supported by, what Grinding Gear refers to as, “ethical microtransactions”. With this announcement of delays, there’s no better time than now to try it out.

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