GreenManGaming Scandi-mania sale ends today

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GreenManGaming sale ends today! (Picture: GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming is having a scandi-mania sale on at the moment, with great offers on from Norway to Finland! The offer ends in just over ten hours as of 13:30 BST so be quick!

GreenManGaming is a steam competitor, and every game comes directly from the publishers, so you don’t have to worry about you getting a dodgy key or not. The store harbours great retro oldies to the latest modern-day hits.

Here are the best deals:

Discount for new customers, you can get 15% off PC games with code: NEWBIE
*discount applies to full retail price only, exclusions apply

GreenManGaming sale


Cities Skylines – 78% off at £5.17

Cities Skylines Deluxe Edition- 77% off at £6.75

All DLC is either 55% off or 28% off

Cities in Motion 2 – 78% off at £3.37

Cities in Motion 2 Collection – 77% off at £6.75

All DLC is 55% off


Just Cause 3 XXL Edition – 80% off at £4.40

Just Cause 4 – 67% off at £14.85

Warhammer Vermintide – 75% off £5.95

Warhammer Vermintide Collector’s Edition – 75% off at £8.00

The two DLC’s are 33% at £4.68

Magicka – 77% off at £1.80

Mad Max – 78% off £3.52


Earthlock – 80% off at £4.76

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden – 49% off at £15.29

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Deluxe Edition – 57% off at £16.44

Dreamfall The Longest Journey – 57% off at £5.95


Hitman 2 – 64% off at £15.84 (only applies to the standard edition)

Limbo – 82% off at £1.26

Inside – 69% off at £4.72

Inside + Limbo – 76% off at £5.34

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