Google To lose At least $50 Million Due To Fortnite Skipping Google Play

According to a new Report, Google is going to lose $50 Million thanks to Fortnite skipping the google play store.

As Epic Games will allow people to download Fortnite through their website instead to save money as if they were to put it on the Google play store, Google would take 30% of the revenue.

Google losing $50 Million is just over the next 5 months, so they are due to lose a lot more in revenue over time. However, Google is huge so I’m sure this won’t break the bank, but I bet they are worried as many other games may take this approach to save money and bypass the Google play store.

So we could see Google change the revenue system for their Google play store, or we could try to see them strike a deal with Epic.

You can find the full report here. 

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In other news, Doom Eternal is also launching on Switch.

Doom Eternal Is Also Launching On Switch

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