Google Stadia has 10 Games Coming Exclusively to its Service

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Google Stadia finally seems to be getting some exclusive games this year (Picture: Google)

The Google Stadia Team put out a detailed letter giving updates on their progress and whats planned for Stadia, which includes 10 exclusive games.

Stadia is continuously evolving and improving the experience for the user base was high on their priority list.

With the current accomplishments being; 6 new titles for Stadia, welcoming Typhoon Studios to their team, adding more google help functionality, multiplayer for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and gifting Stadia Founders a second buddy pass to be able to play with more of their friends.

Also, during the first quarter and beyond, customers could expect 4k gaming to come off the web, bring support to more androids, and be able to play with a wireless Stadia controller on the computer.

Lastly, in the lineup, they are also tracking more than 120 games to join its library with of course the 10 exclusives alongside it.

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