Google Console Controller Leaks Before GDC 2019

Before the reveal at GDC 2019, it looks like images have leaked of a Google gaming console. From the looks of this controller, in my opinion it would have a weird feel to it. The analog sticks are aligned instead of being offset. The way that the handles look, just seems that it would be an awkward hold.

Instead of having X, Y, B, A buttons it looks like those buttons are color coded with red, blue, yellow and green. There is also a mic button, probably in lieu of speaking into the controller to bring up a screen. Also the two buttons at the top looks like a home button and probably a start button.

From the picture above it looks like there will be shoulder buttons as well. The GDC is happening in a few weeks and this could possibly be the beginning of a new era. From the leaks that were show, how does everyone feel about a google gaming console? Comment below.

Scott Hurd
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My name is Scott Hurd and I reside from eastern Pennsylvania. I have my Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have a passion for video games and always wanted to do something that included video games.

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