Ghost Recon Wildlands – New Mercenaries Mode Coming Tomorrow!


Soon, Ghost Recon Wildlands will be receiving another update in the form of the new ‘Mercenaries Mode’. This mode will start tomorrow July 18th!

Mercenaries is a free-for-all game mode that will involve eight-players. The objective of the new PvE mode will require players locate and fight there way to the hidden extraction point.

In Mercenaries, you will need to first call for rescue, then locate and reach the extraction point, then, finally board the chopper and get out of there! Sounds easy enough but there is always a catch… At the start of each round players will have no access to any ranged weapons or gear. Interestingly instead of starting with the ‘loot’, you will have to find it.

As well as locating loot, players will fight to locate (and activate) radio transmitters which will shrink the possible extraction zone on the map. Simply, after a player activates three of these the chopper will head to the extraction point and, once landed, the location will be revealed to everyone! The first player to board the chopper wins.

Mercenaries – Ubisoft’s Breakdown:

Looting for Gear: Players start the game just with a melee weapon and will need to find the best gear, weapons and consumables to fight the Unidad forces and enemy players. If a player dies, they will lose all of the loot gathered and start at square one when they respawn.

Armor: Mercenaries mode will feature a new health and armor system. Based on the gear players pick up, an armor bar will appear. This bar will absorb a percentage of damage based on the penetration capability of the opponent’s weapon.

Health: If players are hit by a weapon that deals penetration damage, they will bleed and gradually lose a percentage of their health. If they are injured, they will be able to loot three different types of healing items to get back into fighting shape: medikits, bandages and syringes.

Destructible Doors: Destructible doors can be opened with CQC, behind which players may find intel, loot, or cover to aid them in their fight. Players will need to think tactically about when to use this as opponents will be able to hear the breaking doors if they are close by.

Additionally, the update will include a number of new rewards for players. Just completing one match will get you the ‘Lone Wolf Costume’ and you will be able to receive a series of rewards based on game wins.

Will you be checking out Mercenaries tomorrow? let us know in the comments section… Or maybe you are reading this in the future?!… if so let us know what your thoughts on the new game mode are!

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