Gears of War 5 PC Specs revealed

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With Gears of War 5 dropping on the PC in September, there are many wondering how it will compare to the Xbox version in terms of graphics and playability. While Gears 4 was well received for it’s many features (customisation being a big part of those features) many ask if Gears 5 will follow in the same foot steps.

Speaking of new features, Gears 5 for Steam will require an Xbox live account. You won’t however need to have gold to play the game online. Personally, I do find this to be a problem due to the fact that you shouldn’t have to have an account for a PC game linked to your home console. It feels as though that would just make the Xbox redundant.

Alos, it seems the developers don’t feel you should be allowed a free copy for your Xbox One in this case, or a copy for the windows store version. Cross-buying the game would have been a unique feature, and would have probably boosted sales.

Along with the above news, developers revealed the minimum requirements for running the game. Below are the listed minimum,and recommended system requirements. So if you are running a copy of Potatoes 98′ you may want to upgrade within the next few months:

Gears 5 minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 10 May 2019 update
CPU: Intel i3 Skylake, AMD FX-6000 series
GPU: Geforce GTX 760, or GTX 1050. Radeon R9 280, or RX 560
HDD: 80GB free
Gears 5 recommended requirements:
OS: Windows 10 May 2019 update
CPU: Intel i5 Skylake, or AMD Ryzen 3
GPU: Geforce GTX 970, or GTX 1660 Ti. Radeon RX 570, or RX 5700
HDD: 80GB free
Gears 5 ideal PC requirements
OS: Windows 10 May 2019 update
CPU: Intel i7 Skylake, or AMD Ryzen 7
GPU: Geforce RTX 2080, or AMD Radeon 7
HDD: SSD + 100GB free

Either way, we will see you in September with any further news should it be required. In the meantime, why not check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel here! Think you have a news tip or want to get involved? Email us at [email protected]

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