Gearbox Would Love To Bring Borderlands 3 To Switch


Borderlands 3 is due to receive its first gameplay reveal tomorrow, which you can check out here. Borderlands 3 is coming out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However no Nintendo Switch version has been announced, but Gearbox would love to see the game come to the Nintendo Switch.

As Gearbox Founder, Randy Pitchford replied to a fan on Twitter, who asked about the game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Randy replied: “I would love to see that happen.”

We have seen Gearbox bring the Borderlands series portable before, with them releasing Borderlands 2 on the PSVita, though it did have a few issues it was still a fun experience. So it would be amazing to see Gearbox bring Borderlands 3 to the Switch or another Borderlands game.

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