G2 Esports Brings in Cry1NNN to Replace Goga?!

Only three of the G2 team that won last years Invitational remain after Goga leaves (Picture: Ben "ShortID" Martinet)

Only three of the G2 team that won last years Invitational remain after Goga leaves (Picture: Ben “ShortID” Martinet)

G2 Esports’ Rainbow Six Siege team has been one of the best teams to ever touch competitive R6. With their monstrous run in 2018 and early 2019, they looked almost unstoppable and with little signs of slowing down. Which might make the decision to drop Goga for Cry1NNN a shock for some fans.

Goga has been a great support player for G2. He has been influential on and off the battlefield for the squad. He has facilitated a lot of the team’s success by setting the team up to frag, even frag himself. G2 hasn’t had the best end to 2019 with the team failing to win at the Raleigh Major and didn’t qualify for their second pro league finals in a row. This is possibly the main reason for G2 to shake up their roster and bring in some fresh blood for the team. His replacement Cry1NNN isn’t a novice to professional R6, playing on teams like Mock-it Esports and Natus Vincere (Navi). He also faced G2 recently in the OGA Season 3 Qualifiers with his old team OrgLess.

This encounter could have been the showcase that made G2 pick him up as a replacement. G2 have shown they aren’t afraid of swapping players this year; however, as earlier this year, they dropped jNSzki for UUNO. This is a clear indication that the team and organisation want to stay at the top of the R6 food chain and be a dominant powerhouse.

What do you think of Goga getting replaced? Do you think G2 can win at the Invitational? Do you like that we are covering more esports? Let us know in the comments below.

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