FunPlus Phoenix Champion Skins Revealed by Doinb

League of Legends FunPlus Worlds Skins
FunPlus Phoenix will be immortalised in LoL but which champions will represent them? (Picture: Riot Games)

Every year the winners of worlds get immortalised in game with a line up of skins. This year will be no different as Doinb said on stream what champions the world champions have picked for their skins. The creative Chinese team won worlds back in November beating G2 Esports 3-0 in the final.

The champions getting a FunPlus Pheonix look are; Gangplank, Lee Sin, Malphite, Vayne and Thresh. The champions they could select for the skin had to be one they played during Worlds 2019. This meant Doinb couldn’t pick the champion he wanted a skin for (Yasuo), because he never played him at Worlds. Instead, the mid superstar picked Malphite because it’s one of the few champions his wife plays. Also this is because of the low skill ceiling of the champion plenty of players could use the skin.

His teammates however picked their champions more off of their success on said champion at Worlds. GimGoon got a 8.9 KDA on Gangplank over six games making it a no brainer that he should pick up said champion. Tian went for Lee-Sin where three of the six games he played on the champion was in the final against G2 where he looked unstoppable. Support Crisp picked Thresh for his skin as he went undefeated with the champion during Worlds, four wins out of four games. Lwx was the only other FPX player to pick a champion he barely played at worlds, Vayne. Lwx only played her twice at Worlds but picked it due to her still being one of the most popular marksman in the game.

Despite the champions being selected, fans may have to wait till summer to get their hands on said skin. This is because last year Invictus Gaming’s Worlds skins were released around that time and Riot do like to keep it consistent.

What do you think of the champions selected? Who would you have preferred they picked? Let us know in the comments below.

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