Frostbite Engine could bring EA titles such as Anthem, Battlefield V + more to Nintendo Switch very soon!


An interesting LinkedIn page could have confirmed that EA are looking to publish more games on the Switch “using already existing SDK’s”

YouTuber Doctre81 has noticed something that could be great news for Switch owners. On an individuals LinkedIn who works at EA this was shown…

Linked In
LinkedIn Profile

You can watch the video by Doctre81 below.

Doctre81’s Video

It would make sense for EA to bring the ‘Frostbite Engine‘ to Switch (or at least a version of it anyway). Since the Nintendo’s release EA have been missing out on some major sales.

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Be sure to keep an eye on Daily Gaming Report. We will keep you updated on anything in regards to this or anything else gaming related. Let us know what you think of EA below… What would you like to see on the Switch?

In other news, some images from the new Pokemon game coming in 2019 could have surfaced. Check this out below!

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