Fortnite’s Volcano Has Erupted

Today, there was an event everyone could take place upon to see the new changes that was going to happen in Fortnite.  I did not get a chance to get into the event, but from the videos I saw, there was some awesome things that happened.

Everyone’s beloved location the Titled Towers is no more as the volcano that erupted completely destroyed it.  The event opened up in Loot Lake, where this mysterious vault opened up.  Once you dropped down you saw this walls with different icons on them, these icons were weapons which players could vote on.  The winning vote would allow this weapon to be removed from the vault.  The weapon that won was the drum gun, which will not be available for the World Cup Qualifiers this weekend.

After the voting was done, players were sent back to the island.  Which they witnessed the volcano erupting taking out Tilted Towers and Retail Row.  If you remember the last event that happened, people who died could not come back into the game.  So this time Epic disabled most of the battle royal modes and players had to play The Unvaulting mode, which allowed players to re-spawn instead of being permanently killed.

Courtesy of TypicalGamer on Youtube, you can watch the event below if you missed it.  What is everyone’s thoughts on this action that took place?   Comment Below!

Source: TheVerge


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