Fortnite World Cup: Everything you need to know and more

Starting April 13 players from age 13 and up will have the chance to win big by simply playing in the Fortnite World Cup. This tourney will consist of ten-week online qualifiers taking place over the weekends which will be available to all players who are at least level 15.

Each week will switch between solo and duo matches. Concerning duo matches, you are allowed to switch your partner during the tournement but only on a week to week basis. However, if you do happen to make it to the semi-finals or finals there will be no switching allowed at that time.

Soo this is fine and dandy but how do I even get a chance to compete? Well…just like this. First, you will need to start by playing Arena. The new ranked-like game mode that is set to release with v8.20. As stated by Epic,  “If you can climb to the top, you’ll unlock access to the Fortnite World Cup Online Open tournaments”.

Epic also said this to follow up, “Every Saturday, players who have unlocked the Online Open will have a designated three-hour window of time (according to server region) to play in up to ten matches and score points,” Epic noted. “At the conclusion of the three-hour window, the top 3,000 players in each server region will advance to the Online Open Finals that Sunday (the following day).”

Solo games

  • A Victory Royal – 10 points 
  •  2nd – 5th place – 7 points 
  •  6th – 15th place – 5 points 
  •  16th – 25th place – 3 points 
  •  Eliminations – 1 point each 


  • A Victory Royal – 10 points 
  •  2nd – 5th place -7 points 
  •  6th – 15th place – 5 points 
  •  16th – 25th place – 3 points 
  •  Eliminations – 1 point each 

Basically, it goes like this, you play every Saturday for 3 hours to the best of your ability and score points. Because the following day the top 3,000 people of the server you were just playing on will be chosen to move forward to compete in the semi-finals with 1 million big ones on the line.

And finally, during July 26-28 the Fortnite World Cup will be held in New York, where Epic will handpick the top players of all ten weeks and bring them all out on one Epic stage (pun intended) to compete for a 30 million dollar tournament.

Are you going to be competing in this World Cup? Who is your buddy to get the gold with? Tag them, and make sure to join in on the conversation below.

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