Fortnite will allow keyboard and mouse users to be matchmade soon

Epic Games is making Fortnite the most user friendly game on the planet as they have announced that they’ll release an update to the game allowing players who prefer to play via keyboard and mouse will now be matchmade with other users of the same control scheme regardless it be on a console or PC. Epic Games released this message about the update: “In an upcoming release we’ll be implementing input based matchmaking, which will pair you against players who are using the same peripherals. If anyone in your party uses a mouse and keyboard on console, you will be matchmade with PC players and other KB+M players (as if you partied up with a PC player).” See AlsoApex Legends Gun Charms on Steam!First this will work with PS4 and PC users, the Xbox One currently doesn’t have an official keyboard and mouse controls however it will become available this fall. Crossplay will still work with this control method, unless your using a PS4 of course which will allow the keyboard and mouse option to work on the console though. Though there is no mention if this option will work on the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite. Having these options available along with crossplay opens so many doors for diversity and displays a level of respect Epic Games has for it’s audience. With the exception of Sony everyone seems to embrace the new exciting ways to play with others even if you don’t have the same console. Sony though needs to swallow it’s pride sometime soon and bring crossplay to their system. See AlsoKonami moving to Unreal Engine 5Comment below if you plan on playing Fortnite with a keyboard and mouse on your favorite console. Fortnite is available on every current platform. If you enjoyed this article why not share it on social media. In other news Nintendo announced a different Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bundle for U.S. buyers which includes a Smash Bros themed Pro controller. U.S. bundle of Super Smash Bros Ultimate will include a new Pro Controller Advertisements