Fortnite Wild West Game Mode Coming Soon?!

Fortnite WW

Fortnite could be getting a wild west game mode soon!… ‘This island ain’t big enough for the hundred of us!’

According to data miners at FNBRLeaks a new Fortnite game mode will surface soon. Apparently, The ‘Wild West’ themed mode will ban “fancy tech” and limit your weapons to those appropriate to a Mexican standoff.

FNBRLeaks had also found evidence of a new explosive… dynamite. They state that it will “most likely be next week’s content item, which will be featured in an LTM called ‘Wild West’”.

According to the leak, this new game mode will disable your shields and force you to use slurp juice to heal. On top of this, there will be a limited set of weapons and items such as Shotguns, Hunting Rifles and Dynamite. Have a look at the Twitter post below.

The ‘Wild West’ game mode is still to be officially confirmed for now… However, do be sure to check out our report on Fortnite’s latest update here. This update includes the new limited time ‘Food Fight’ game mode!

In other Fortnite news, an unknown castle has been discovered. Check this out below!

Unknown castle discovered in Fortnite

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