Fortnite Takes Legal Action Against Beta Tester

Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite is taking Legal Action Against Beta Tester for leaking information (Picture: Epic)

Fortnite with all of its associated press has just recently made some new waves in the news cycles as they take legal action against one of their beta testers who leaked information about Chapter 2.

Epic Games in North Carolina claims that said person violated a contract and caused damages to the developer. Supposedly after signing an NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement ), Ronald Sykes leaked the content across multiple twitter accounts containing details about Chapter 2 regarding the new map and how you would be able to swim.

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With this ordeal still in the starting blocks, little is known how everything will unfold, or what damages Sykes will receive if found guilty but we shall see.

In the world of video games, leaks can and have been used to the benefit of certain developers, but on the other hand, they can have just the opposite effect. Having information shared preemptively can ruin the desired result, and can spoil all the fun for others.

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Do you think this being handled correctly? Is it too harsh? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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