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HUGE Fortnite Event Date/Time Revealed!

Epic Games have took to Twitter and confirmed the time and date of the next big Fortnite event!

Since the Fortnite ‘Season 4 missile launch’, (which ripped a large hole in the sky setting the scene for the rift-themed Season 5) there hasn’t been any big in-game events… Until now.

Interestingly, Epic Games have announced the exact time of an upcoming similar in-game event, stating that “You do not want to miss this Fortnite one-time event”. You can see the twitter post below:

As expected, the event will happen at the exact time ‘Fortnitemares’ ends. The last in-game event that was announced ended up leaving a huge mark that would last a season.

As of now, the event involves a mysterious cube. The Cube’s current state is beaming a laser into the sky to open a portal. This has summoned monsters upon the map.

I personally am super excited to see what happens next! What do you think the next season of Fortnite will consist of? Leave a comment and let us know… In other news the Fallout 76 Perk Cards have been revealed!

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