I think its fair to say, “About Time”. If you own the Season 7 Battle pass you can access the creative mode right now! If you do not then no worries you will have access on December 13th. A quick YouTube search you can see the plane in action. To save time check out iRue399’s Video below.

As we can see above, flying these Bi-Planes is not easy and when you are shot down you do not die and you can just redeploy your glider. Dog fights do look super fun though. A lot of YouTubers have done Fortnite challenges so I want to see someone get a Victory Royale using only the Bi-Plane.

What is next for Fortnite after this? Do you think this was a good addition or do you think Epic are running out of steam? Let me know your experience and opinion of season 7 in the comments below.

In other news the PlayStation Classic has already been hacked? Read more in the article below.

Playstation Classic Already Hacked

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