Fortnite Season 10 – Teaser #2


With the latest season of Fortnite on the horizon, Epic is dishing out a few teasers for those hyped. (For those who want to read about the Teaser one reveal you can read about it here.)

For the second teaser, the words ‘Look Forward. 8.1.2019’ were tweeted along with a silhouette of a mech-suit with two logos on either side. Fans have already figured out that one the logos is related to The Visitor- who was part of Season 4… Will he be making a comeback?

Though, this time at the top of the mech suit, you can see a figure of a human pilot, this might suggest the mech being a new type of vehicle, which has gotten fans a bit worried.

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So we know have the words ‘Look Back. 8.1.2019 and Look Forward. 8.1.2019’.

Whatever happen in Fortnite season 10, i’m sure it’s going to be something massive. Personally, I think I can say we’ll be seeing a collection of items from the games past but also the future.

What do you think? Are you into mechs being vehicles?.. It is a possibility! Let us know in the comments below!

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