Fortnite Save The World RoadMap 8, February 2019

Epic Games took to Reddit to show the roadmap they have planned for Fortnite Save The World. Which can be seen below:

This roadmap outlines everything coming all the way up to Fortnite V8.0 update.

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since our last roadmap, so here’s a sneak peek at some of the new highlights in the next few updates:

v7.40 (Week of 2/12)

AFK Idle Improvements

  • First iteration of improvements to the AFK system

Seasonal Gold Cap Removal

  • Removed the Seasonal Gold cap

Yeoman Sniper Rifle

  • Single Shot, High Damage Sniper Rifle

Dragon’s Fist (Returning)

  • Hammer that deals fire damage with a high knockback

v7.40 Content Update (Week of 2/19)

Dragonfire (Returning)

  • Automatic Shotgun that deals fire damage
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Final Frostnite Challenge

  • Buildings beware!

v8.0 (Week of 2/26)

Hero Loadout

  • Revamp of the Hero System!

We also wanted to acknowledge that we appreciate a lot of the well thought-out feedback from the community regarding concerns with Seasonal Gold, the Hero Loadout system, and the inability to make smart choices due to a lack of information. We’re taking a look at some possible changes with Seasonal Gold, starting with the removal of the gold cap in v7.40.

For the Hero Loadout itself, we’ll be providing an in-depth blog and dev update video closer to its release in v8.0. As part of the launch, we’ll also be making some other complementary changes to ease the transition such as:

  • Updating quest rewards to minimize duplicate Hero rewards
  • Marking ALL of the Heroes eligible for reset
  • Adding 8 quests, each of which has a Hero for a reward
  • Making it so you’ll be able to acquire a few event Heroes that you may have missed and aren’t normally recruitable.
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We are extremely excited for what 2019 will bring for Save the World.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments down below. If you enjoyed this article why not share it on social media.

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