Fortnite Rumoured “Cube” Event Sounds Have Been Leaked

After v5.30 went live strange things started to happen in the game and triggered the rise of certain events and map changes.

The most notable change is that of Tomato Town which has now been changed to Tomato Temple, you can check that article out here.

Data miners have been finding lots of new information after V5.30 went live such as a new suppressed assault rifle and a Flamethrower which might be coming to the game. But it appears that data miners aren’t done yet.

As it appears there is a new event nicknamed “Cube” which has been found in the files, though we are not sure what will happen as of yet, We believe it could have something to do with the Lightning strikes which have been striking cacti and other locations across the Fortnite map in real-time.

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Now with this “Cube” event we are not sure if it will be similar to that of the Rocket Launch event which happened near the end of Season 4 which involved a nuclear missile that was heading towards Titled Towers then ended up teleporting around the map, only to end up exploding into the atmosphere and causing a mystical interference throughout all of Season 5.

Thanks to @CrossLeaks what we do have is audio which is linked to the “Cube” event and as you can hear from the audio above, you can hear many sounds such as rubble falling, thunderstorms hitting trees, loud distant explosions, teleporting sounds.

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As you can see the Audio is over 3 minutes long, so it is either spread across a few days or it is going to be a long event.

What do you think this all means? let us know in the comments below.

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In other news, Fortnite Growth Stagnated in July Despite Season 5 Launch.

Fortnite Growth Stagnated in July Despite Season 5 Launch

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