Fortnite On Mobile Makes More Money Than PUBG Despite Having Only Half The Downloads


Fortnite is without a doubt the most popular game at the moment, with it constantly breaking records. Fortnite has 125 million players, total, across all platforms it is available on.

Now according to figures released to Bloomberg by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower (via GamesIndustry), Fortnite make 5 times the amount of money PUBG does on mobile, which is crazy considering PUBG has double the number of players and is available on IOS and Andoird whereas Fortnite is currently only available on IOS.

Fortnite has currently generated $92 million revenue in 11 weeks as of June 18, compared to PUBG which has only generated $19 million in the same tracking window. Now don’t get me wrong 19 million is still no small number but considering PUBG has double the players you would think it would make more money.

This just shows us Fortnite monetization strategy is better than PUBG‘s it’s that simple and Fortnite players don’t mind forking out money on the game.

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