Fortnite now downloadable on Android thanks to leakers

Fortnite is due to release on Android pretty soon and it is due to be an exclusive for the Glaxay Note 9 for a whole 30 days, you can see that article here.

However, people clearly couldn’t wait as leakers have leaked the unreleased APK file of the Android version, however, it is only compatible for certain devices these are:

  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy A7 2017
  • Galaxy on7 2016
  • Galaxy S7/Edge
  • Galaxy S8/Plus
  • Galaxy S9/Plus

Due to not wanting to get sued by Epic Games, we will not be sharing the link to the APK but you can find it on r/FortniteLeaks subreddit. However, we would not recommend downloading it just in case so if you do decide to download it then it’s at your own discretion.

Due to there being no android servers you won’t actually be able to play a game unless you invite a friend on a different platform and make them the party leader.

To get past the “Update Required” screen after you’ve downloaded the app and downloaded the content all you have to do is:

    • Restart the app
    • When you’re on the blue loading screen, turn on airplane mode until you get a message that you are not connected.
    • With airplane mode still on, turn on wifi and click ‘retry’.
  • Done!

You should be logged in now. If you’re having problems and it’s saying unauthorized, keep clicking ‘retry’ until it logs you in.

Let us know in the comments if you will be downloading it? Also if you enjoyed the article why not share it on social media.

In other news, First gameplay of Fortnite mobile on Android

First Gameplay Of Fortnite Mobile On Android

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