Fortnite Monopoly is available for preorder

Fortnite has finally hit the mainstream with their own Monopoly board game. However this isn’t your typical themed Monopoly board game, Fortnite actually applies some of its battle royale elements to the classic game. The objective in the game is to be the sole survivor with money now used as health, boogie bombs take one life, and walls can be built to protect yourself on spaces like when you would buy properties.

If you land on a space with a storm occurring you lose two lives. The board game is available for preorder on for £26.99. Honestly, this is cool, Fortnite is actually trying to stand out and add their style to the game. Fortnite may be trendy but it’s definitely not overrated.

Comment below if you’re going to preorder the Fortnite Monopoly board game. Fornite is available on every available platform. If you liked this video why not share it social media. In other news, the new Nintendo Direct will be delayed due to a massive earthquake in Japan that occurred recently.

Nintendo Direct delayed due to an earthquake in Japan

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