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Fortnite Mobile for Android may not be on Google Play

Fortnite Mobile has been released on iOS devices for a few months now with a Android release on the way. It will be an exclusive at launch for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is being showcased August 9th. There is also a list of devices that Fortnite Mobile will work with for Android users upon release.

On a strange note is the process to download Fortnite Mobile. As it looks like it doesn’t involve using the Google Play Store. From the images above it shows the the one on the left showing the user to download off the web browser. While the one on the right displays security agreements shown through the download of the app for the game which isn’t through the Google Play Store.

With fake apps popping up before in this fashion this may appear scary at first for users. Though I doubt that is the case for such a popular title like Fortnite. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 around the corner details should be clear by then. Comment below on what you make of all this. Elsewhere a third party company unveiled their new Gamecube controllers for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

Gamecube Controllers unveiled for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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