Fortnite missile caused sky fracture

The missile has landed!

With the start of season 5 of Fortnite mere days away, it’s no surprise that several changes have already taken root in-game. The missile that was previously held in a large silo has officially landed; only, in this case, it has not made actual landfall.

The missile has seemingly made no discernible destruction to any locations, that is until you look directly above you at the sky, which reveals an expansive, blue-streaked ethereal fracture. Upon missile launch it flew erratically through various wormholes, teleporting to various places throughout the map until it obliterated straight into the sky.

The skyward anomaly has the appearance of a rift or wormhole and as we learned from their multiple appearances in World as Warcraft and Pacific Rim, they don’t produce anything good. It seems only a matter of time until ravenous inter-dimensional creatures emerge and wreak havoc on unsuspecting players.

Several areas have also seen smaller steadily expanding wormholes spring up as in the case of the broken sign in Lonely Lodge, and Motel. A rift has also appeared in Tomato Town and lends support to the notion that wormholes will appear in many more places as season 5 approaches launch.

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