Fortnite Might Be Getting A Strangers Things Crossover Event


It is entirely fitting that a game with pickaxes is constantly datamined. Within a recent Fortnite leak there are tons of cosmetics and a handful of ‘limited time events’. The theme for this update is summer, which is fitting … as it is summer. ’14 days of Summer’, ‘Summer Splashdown’, and ‘Storm Chasers: Surfin’’.

Below is a picture of all the leaked cosmetics, skins, emotes, etc.

Twitter user @Lucas7Yoshi did a little ‘diggy do’ and found the next four weeks of challenges. Lucas also found segments of updated code that indicate that a “Stranger Things” event will be coming soon.

Two new game modes called Builders Paradise, and Strategic Structures have been leaked. Firstly, Builders Paradise includes “Dramatically” stronger player buildings and an abundance of building materials. Secondly, Strategic Structures have limited resources with strengthened metal and brick structures. To summarise, BP is building with enthusiasm; conversely, SS is build with care.

Tank battle is the final game mode that has been leaked. And Lucas summed it up in this tweet:

With rumours that Fortnite traffic is plummeting, it seems like they are throwing all they can to keep viewers interested. What do you think about the news above? Do you have the season 9 pass and if you do are you happy with it? Likewise, are you a fan of Fortnite Crossovers? Let us know in the comments below.

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