New Hamster Ball Vehicle Coming to Fortnite!?


Fortnite Season 8 has officially launched and data miners are already unveiling upcoming items, vehicles and cosmetics that will be made available in the game!

Recently, leakers have revealed a number of new skins, harvesting tools and backpacks that will likely be added to the game’s item shop very soon. Interestingly, within the hunt data miners also found files that indicate a new vehicle will be coming to Fortnite in the form of what appears to be… a hamster ball.

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Not a lot of information is currently available about the item obviously, and it hasn’t been officially announced yet… however, a folder was found in the Battle Royale portion of the V8.00 update that mentions the Hamster Ball by name.

Interestingly, the folder it was found in was called “Drivable Vehicles” which included the Driftboard and the Cannon, which was officially added to the game during the latest update.

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We may see the ‘Hamster Ball’ make an appearance in the V8.10 update. Until then if we do come across anything new it will be posted here at Daily Gaming Report so be sure to follow us on Facebook and / or Twitter… Or if you fancy watching some videos sub to us on YouTube!

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