Fortnite Growth Stagnated in July Despite Season 5 Launch

According to a report by SuperData research who cover the worldwide digital games market, covered a report for data in July 2018, they suggest Fortnite has seen its peak and from now on growth will be stagnating.

Now this reason behind this is due to the fact “Fortnite revenue is up only 2% from June. Growth was modest despite Epic releasing Season 5 of the game’s battle pass midway through the month.”

Is it possible that Fortnite has seen the peak of its growth? especially due to the fact that with Fortnite Season 5 battle pass releasing revenue should have increased especially with the fact that it was the school holidays, so growth should have been high but to see only 2% growth shows it’s slowing down.

Now, this does now mean Fortnite is dying like I’m sure many people would suggest. It just means they have reached their peak at the moment, they could see huge growth again soon only time will tell.

Fortnite’s explosive growth dramatically slows down suggesting the game has peaked”, claims a subheading.

Now while growth is growth bear in mind Fortnite has seen growth in large gaps from month to month.

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