Fortnite Earned $455 Million Revenue on iOS in 2018 – According to Reports

The numbers are in: the Fortnite sensation continues to generate obscene amounts of money, closing out 2018 with huge growth on iOS. A new Sensor Tower report confirms new players downloading the game on their new iPads and iPhones have almost doubled Fortnite’s monthly income in December to a cool $70 million. 

To put the $455 million they made from iOS in 2019 in perspective, that much money would have been equivalent to a majority share of the company in 2012, when the company was on the brink of collapse. They’ve come a long way since then, and the company is worth $15 billion today according to recent valuations.

Although cutting out Steam and Google have boosted Epic’s revenues on PC and Android, it seems a profit of $1.6 million a day, even after paying Apple it’s 30% App Store Tax, is enough to keep them both happy. For now. 

Epic had enough clout to convince Sony to go against its strict “no-cross play” policy last year, which is a win for all of us since we can play with all our friends now on whatever device we want. It does indicate though, that Epic has huge bargaining power, and may try to renegotiate the 30% Apple takes from all purchases on iOS in 2019. If any company can do it, it’s Epic.

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