Fortnite downloads have passed the 140 million mark

As of August 10th, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite has reached the 140 million download mark. Since it’s release last year it’s topped 120 million downloads with an average of 40 million users signing in per month. Though Fortnite is still behind League of Legends, with Fortnite’s 140 million amount is about half compared to what is considered the biggest game in the world. Also, having the many ports of Fortnite makes a difference as well. The latest version being released for Andriod which has seen at least 11 million downloads so far despite its controversial beginnings bypassing the Google Play Store to download it on Android devices. By doing this Fortnite didn’t have to make centralized storefront and giving a 30% cut to Google of the game. Epic Games seems to be on a focused path of trying to conquer the gaming world as it seems to be working so far. Even with surprises still on the way as with the purpose of the mysterious giant cube lingering in the game. Comment below on what you think of Fortnite’s success. Fortnite is available on all current platforms. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, a wedding proposal Easter egg has been discovered in Spiderman. Hidden Wedding Proposal Easter Egg in Spiderman revealed Advertisements