Fortnite Announces One Year Anniversary

Fortnite Announces One Year Anniversary

What a crazy year it has been for Fortnite, Epic Games hit gold with such a simple idea. This coming week the battle royale mode will be having its actual one-year anniversary and yes Epic Games wants you to come by and celebrate with them.

Starting on July 24th,  you will be able to do challenges to get Birthday themed cosmetics in the Battle Royale. But if Battle Royale is not your thing they are also giving Save The World players some party favors too.  Players will receive a special questline featuring birthday cake-toting sploders which unlock Birthday Brigade Ramirez upon completion which is exciting in itself.

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The Battle Royale challenges are

Deal 1,000 damage to opponents to unlock the Fortnite Birthday!Emoticon.
Dance at different birthday cakes to unlock the Happy Birthday! Spray.
Play 14 matches to unlock 5,000 XP.
Complete all 3 challenges to earn the Birthday Cake Back Bling.

The Battlebus will also get a different look as it will be birthday themed until August 7th.  We also have to report that a popular Twitter account FNBRLeaks who recently has been doing some digging as searched through the game’s store API and found that a feature allowing players to gift items from the shop to other players that have been “Enabled” but has yet to been made available for the players.

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Fortnite is still going strong after a year of being around and has dominated the market. Do you or have you ever played Fortnite? if you have comment down below some good gaming stories. If you have not played comment down below why you haven’t tried it and let’s conversate and celebrate One year of Fortnite.

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