Fortnite adds Dusty Diner to the Dusty Depot in new patch

A new patch in Fortnite will be adding the Dusty Diner to the Dusty Depot area. The Dusty Depot has had an interesting history over the course of Fortnite. There were a set of warehouses in the center of the map at first. Then by Season 3 half of Dusty Depot was wiped out by those nasty storms. It was later rebuilt as Dusty Divot with a research facility located there.

Once Season 4 came nature took over the area with ponds, flowers, and tress, and mushrooms that give shield powerups. Now the westernmost warehouse is being converted into a diner, The warehouse used is the one least affected by the meteor attack which is mentioned outside the diner via a sign posted.

Inside the diner is memorabilia of Dusty Depot’s history with photos of the area before the meteor hit the land. It’s interesting how games grow and evolve with every new update and DLC. It’s strange coming from a generation of games stuck in one form for the rest of existence, yet now games can grow and adapt along with us.

Comment below if you’re going to visit the Dusty Diner. Fornite is available on every major platform. If you liked this article why not share on social media. In other news Fortnite Monopoly is available for preorder.

Fortnite Monopoly is available for preorder

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